50/ 50 power & yin – this class is the best of both worlds! sun salutations & core (yang), then longer held poses with the use of props for deep stretching (yin), you can have your cake and eat it too

bootcamp – not your typical bootcamp, no “barking”, just moving functionally with your body weight & gravity, get ready to tone up & listen to some awesome music

strength & length – the original creator of this great combination of resistance training focusing on the butt, back & core that helps with your yoga practice, making you feel energized & strong and then finishing with traditional yoga poses which will leave you relaxed and ready to conquer the world

samaflow – taking the traditional hatha practice into more of a continuous flow by connecting movement to the breath while listening to some serious sweet tunes specially curated by tanya, prepare to get sweaty.

restorative – come take care of yourself in this yummy relaxing candlelit relaxing class supported by lots of props, be comforted by the warmth of the space that invites you to decompress by using your breath. self care is the new black

gentle flow – a slower version of samaflow set to more traditional music, for those that want to move but don’t want to get sweaty